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Wild Dogs uses simple, balanced training methods in order to help your dog channel their “wild” instincts, all while building trust and communication with you.  My mission at Wild Dogs is to help your dog have more freedom to roam, explore and adventure. Let’s take a walk on the wild side!

You want to be able to camp, hike, explore, or even just go to a dog-friendly restaurant without worry or stress about what your dog is going to do next. You have enough on your plate - The thought of initiating and practicing training skills to your dog can feel exhausting and darn near impossible. If your dog's acting out, it's because us dog parents don't know how to give them what they need to be a happy dog.


Through working with me at Wild Dogs, we'll develop a focus on understanding everything your dog needs to live a happy, fulfilled life. Trust and communication are two staples necessary to give them more freedom to roam and explore like you've envisioned for them.

My training programs are personal and intensive. They stay in my home, so they can remain in a comfortable environment and gain experience via weekly field trips, so they can practice their new skills in real-life scenarios. We'll go hiking and exploring all around Austin from parks to dog friendly restaurants.  My goal is to give dogs more freedom by educating you, as the owner, on how to establish proper communication with your dog.

Meet Morgan


I knew from a young age I always wanted to work with animals. Fast forward to my first job working at a dog boarding facility - I thought that was heaven! However, it didn't take me long to realize it was pretty difficult to work with so many wild and disobedient dogs.

But, it also brought with it a HUGE realization. I had an epiphany that I could help these poorly mannered and unhappy dogs and turn them into happy, polite canine good citizens. So, I attended Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers and Behavior Specialists and graduated with flying colors and excitement for what was next. After graduation, I joined their internship program, which allowed me to help teach the next class of students and gain the experience of teaching people, which I have now realized is the most important part of my job

The reality of my job is really training humans! The dogs tend to be the easy part as they crave structure, guidance, and clear communication. My goal is to educate dogs AND their humans on how to give their dog a happy, well balanced, and fulfilled life through training. Proper training can deliver a much healthier and freedom-generating relationship with your furry family member, so you can enjoy off-leash fun and adventure.




Kevin Biscuit

Biscuit is an orange Tabby cat with the personality of a tasmanian devil. He enjoys eating marshmallows and teasing the dogs while they are training.

Scout Lee Harper

Scout is an AKC Master Hunter who enjoys retrieving ducks, competitive dock diving, and freestyle frisbee. She spends her spare time sunbathing and helping mom train the dogs.

Image by 2 Bro’s Media


just got easier.

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